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Re-enrolment will take place in the last weeks of each Term. Prior to this time, a newsletter and reminder notice will be forwarded to all students. This form must be completed and returned with the deposit or full amount, depending on the Term, before the end of re-enrolment week, to secure the place in the class. Priority is given to Kambala students and those currently enrolled in classes.

Missing a Class

If a swimming class cannot be attended the Swim School office requires 24 hours notice to be eligible for a make up class. Notice under 24 hours will require a Doctor’s certificate. No exceptions will be made so we kindly ask you to adhere to the policy, to avoid disappointment. Where possible a make up class will be arranged depending on availability. Make up classes are not always beneficial as the same instructor may not be available. A maximum of 1 make up class per term is allowed and must be completed within the term. Make up classes are not guaranteed and there is no refund of monies paid for classes not attended.

Class Upgrades

Students will be changed from one level to the next at the teacher’s discretion and at the completion of swim tests. This will only be done when the student has completed all the requirements for the current level or in the teacher’s opinion the child has the ability or would benefit from being moved to the next level. There is no guarantee that students will retain the same teacher when changing levels.

School Holidays

During holidays the swim school may offer an intensive swim programme as well as all the aforementioned. Please contact reception for further information.


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